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Welcome to David Linton Furniture and Timberworks.

Are you looking for original fine furniture, beautiful Australian timbers or stunning art works? David Linton established this intriguing gallery in beautiful Maleny in QLD, as a focal point for showcasing unique pieces.

When it comes to timber, David Linton offers exclusive solutions starting with a diverse range of species he has sourced and salvaged locally and Australia wide. Each log, which has its own special story, is then processed, milled and kiln dried at David's workshop and transformed into a one-off, hand crafted piece of David Linton fine furniture such as a beautiful dining table or hall or coffee tables.

David's practical but unique Eat range are becoming sought after gifts especially  for weddings.

You will quickly come to appreciate David's passion for timber and his eye for classic detail as it applies to his hand-made fine furniture skills which have earned him a reputation amongst the elite of Australian and International furniture designers and manufacturers.

Here at the David Linton gallery we also represent many other local artists, craftspeople and sculptors, each with their own unique style that will enhance the natural ambience of your living space.

"Timber Talk" with David


At David Linton we specialise in fine quality Australian timbers and we have just decidated more space to the timber.

We have beautiful huon bookmatched pairs, turning blanks, pen blanks and  single slabs.
We have a large range of the best timbers: Huon pine, red cedar, conkerberry, purple gidgee, flame she oak, walnut, rose gum, and many more.

We have raw edge slabs and burls. All timber is air dried then put into David Linton's kiln.
Come in and be inspired.

Preorders are taken by calling or email.
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